7 Simple Tips on How to Shave Bikini Area without Bumps

The bikini area is one of the most sensitive parts that need serious attention. Especially when shaving this area, you need to take proper care to avoid bumps and other injuries. For beginners, here is how to shave bikini area without bumps.

7 Tips on How to Shave Bikini Area without Bumps

Find a quality razor

The first step to ensuring you get a proper shave on your bikini area is investing in a good razor. You spend a lot of time and money to get the best products for your face. You should show the same love to your pubic area.

You can buy razors from your local drugstore or if you trust the one you already own then all good. The most appealing razors are quite expensive and some may require you to change the blade often.

When buying a razor, consider the number of blades on the device. Ideally, the more blades it has the better shave it gives.

Men’s disposable razors can also do a great job. This is because they are designed for use on a man’s face, which is a sensitive area too. Men’s facial hair is fine and needs a close shave, just like the hair on a woman’s bikini area.

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Prepare the Bikini Area

This is especially necessary if you have stayed for some time without shaving. You will need to trim the hair down using a set of scissors to a manageable length – about a quarter inch long. Trimming will help to speed up the shaving process afterward.

Another preparation step is cleaning the bikini area for about 10 minutes. You can also take a hot bath or shower. Warm water helps to soften the skin making it easy to pluck the hairs out of it. Your bikini hair will also become soft in the process.

Finish your prep by exfoliating the skin. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells and allows for a close shave. Use a gentle washcloth like the Konjac sponge to tease out any ingrown hairs prior to shaving. Guide your hair in the same direction while you exfoliate so it will be easy to shave.

Apply a Shaving Cream

This means a lot towards achieving a great shaving experience. First, it lubricates the surface of the skin. This makes it easy for the blade to glide smoothly over the surface. This kind of moistening acts as a barrier between the skin and blade thus preventing cuts and nicks.

The thick shaving cream lather also lifts hair from the skin. When hair is straightened, it becomes easy for the razor to trim as close to the skin surface as possible. The result is a skin that feels smooth to the touch and completely free from fair.

Applying cream helps to soothe the skin before you shave. Otherwise, without any substance to reduce friction, you can have a distressing feeling during and after the shave.

Every pass the razor makes on your pubic skin, it triggers a burning feeling. The feeling is irritating later on and you end up scratching the area. That is the major cause of bumps and pimples on the shaved area. By using cream, you prevent skin irritations.

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Shave Well

The way you shave will determine the results you get. This is important especially if you are prone to bumps. It is advisable that you shave in the direction of hair growth and not against. If you shave against the direction your hair grows, the razor is likely to leave behind red bumps.

While shaving, maintain the razor gliding gently on the bikini line without pressing too much against your skin. In simple terms, let the blades do the work for you. This is where the need for sharp blades comes in.

One pass should be enough especially if you are using a razor with sharp and many blades. The more blades, the less need you will feel to re-shave over a single area. Rinse your razor frequently while you shave to eliminate hair and cream build-up.

Rinse and Pat Dry Immediately After Shaving

Clean the shaved area immediately you put the razor down. Shaving leaves a build-up of dead skin cells, cream and bits of hair. Wash off these residues for your skin to get the desired silkiness.

Invest in an exfoliating scrub if you have sensitive skin. Look for one that matches your sensitivity level. Choose one with smooth granules as it will be gentle on your skin and prevent skin injury.

After rinsing off the cream, apply the scrub gently throughout the shaved area. Let it sink in for a few minutes then rinse off. Your sensitive area will be free from irritation henceforth.

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Moisturize the Bikini Area

Once you are done with your skin treatment, apply a moisturizer around the shaved area. A moisturizing cream or deodorant will help your skin recover from the shock caused by the razor.

Use oil-free, unscented and alcohol-free moisturizers. Avoid heavy products as they will likely clog the skin’s pores and cause irritation. For instance, products that contain Lavender Oil or Aloe Vera are ideal for soothing the skin.

Apply the moisturizer around the bikini line to lock in moisture and prevent excess drying, which can lead to further irritation.

Clean Your Razor after Use

Make sure you clean and sanitize your razor with hot water or rubbing alcohol after every shave. This will prevent it from rust so you can use it next time; if you plan to re-use it, though. Anyway, you have no option with a rusty blade rather than discarding it immediately.

Store the razor away from the shower because steam is the major cause to rust. Change your razor regularly too. This is one of the preventive measures against infections. Old razors do not also give a close shave.

In Closing

It’s not hard to achieve silkiness, smoothness and flawlessness down there. The tips in this article have addressed how to shave bikini area without bumps. The ball is now in your court.