About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog topladiessecret.com . I am Dr. Jane. I created this blog out of a passion to help and educate women with issues and products related to menstruation.

I wanted to cut through the hype and cut to the chase regarding menstrual products and issues.

I am a scientific gal, so facts, data and truth matter to me. If there is evidence, or studies to back up a claim I am more likely to be on board.

I have a dislike for commercialism, and just because a product is popular, in my opinion, does not make it the best (or the worst). I like to decide for myself.

I have traveled quite a bit and seen and experienced several cultures as a menstruating woman, so I would also like to share my experience of how other cultures manage their periods, to give the reader insight, and perhaps a novel approach to managing their own time of the month.

I am a skeptic, so I like to research claims made by menstrual product manufactures and research what actual users are saying about their experience with the product. I am also skeptical of negative claims made against a product and do my homework to find out if claims are true and if rumors are based in fact or not.

I do not believe that one size fits all and that all women are different and need different things.

What works perfectly for one woman may be a disaster for another. I strive to present the facts to the best of my ability and I try to be unbiased, although admittedly I do have my favorites, I try to be honest about their shortcomings as well.

So, welcome to my page. I hope you find it a reliable source of information for issues related to menstruation.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Jane