Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil

The Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil After Shaving That You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of applying coconut oil after shaving are? What about shaving with coconut oil? 

It is time to say goodbye to shaving cream once and for all ladies. There is another option that will leave your skin looking like something out of a modeling magazine. What is one of the best oils for shaving you might ask? It’s simple: coconut oil.

Once applied, it will moisturize your skin and make it slippery enough to shave it with ease, making it the best oil to shave with.

So, how can you shave with coconut oil, and what is the result? Keep on scrolling to find out more!

Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil

How to use coconut oil for shaving?

The first question that pops into your mind might be something like how can you use coconut oil to shave? Well, it is easy, but you need to learn the perfect way to do it. DISCLAIMER! Most articles don’t have some of these important tips. 

Before using coconut oil for shaving, you always need to remember to scrub your body fully to get rid of dirt. Now, if it’s winter season, your coconut oil might be thick and you might be wondering how in the hell can I shave with coconut oil? No, you definitely shouldn’t microwave it!

The correct way on how to shave with coconut oil is by rubbing some of it between your hands (using the steam of the hot shower water can help fasten the process).

When the oil is ready, apply it to your skin, and here is where all the secret lies… NEVER start shaving immediately! Leave the coconut oil sink in your skin for 1-2 minutes. This helps soften the hair and hydrates the skin. Both of these processes help you a lot more than you might think. 

While shaving, make sure to frequently run your razor through water so the oil doesn’t build upon it. After using coconut oil to shave, it is best to run warm water down the shaved area to check if there are any hairs left or not.

Remember, you want that skin to shine brighter than your future girl, so every piece of hair needs to be out of there! After you have ended your shaving process, dry your body with a towel, then apply coconut oil after shaving and you are good to go!

The benefits of using the coconut oil aftershave technique are quite a few, and once you get to learn about them, you will not plan to stop using coconut oil as aftershave anytime soon!

Applying the oil after you shave can repair the top skin layer and get rid of any skin inflation you might have. Using coconut oil for aftershave can also act as a great antioxidant and antibacterial for your skin. This means that you will be protected from those nasty razor bumps we all hate.

The benefits of using coconut oil

1. Coconut oil for ingrown hair

Coconut oil and ingrown hair have never liked each other. Using oil for ingrown hair can actually prevent it from happening. At last, we can now say goodbye to those little rascals! The way to use the coconut oil ingrown hair method is by putting virgin coconut oil on the affected areas, and let it do its job for about 20 minutes. The lauric acid in the oil helps it get rid of ingrown hair due to having antimicrobial property.

2. Coconut oil for razor bumps

Usually, after we shave, we get razor burn. And we all know the uncomforting sensation it gives us. But is coconut oil good for razor burn? The answer is yes! Using coconut oil for razor burn can be a great idea as the oil holds anti-inflammatory properties.

But what about preventing those bumps we get after shaving, is coconut oil good for razor bumps? Well, this oil can make miracles happen. Apply coconut oil for shaving bumps on any sensitive area of your body. Let the oil rest for 2-3 minutes so it can soften the hairs, and you can start shaving. Say goodbye to those nasty bumps once and for all!

3. Coconut oil for shaving bikini area

When using coconut oil razor on the bikini area it must be as sharp as possible. Using a dull razor can irritate your sensitive parts and just make that removal process so exhausting.

If you want to prevent those unsightly bumps as far away as possible, then you can use witch hazel for bikini bumps. After you finish showering, gently pat on witch hazel on any areas you’ve shaved. Keeping your skin moisturized using coconut oil on the bikini area can prevent your skin from becoming irritated.

4. Coconut oil for shaving legs

We have already come through most of the benefits of shaving with coconut oil. However, shaving legs with coconut oil comes with many other benefits you probably weren’t aware of before. Using coconut oil shaving cream on your legs can act as a protective layer between the blade and your leg.

This prevents irritation and that awful burning sensation we have all experienced at least once on our legs. Most of us have really dry legs, and using normal moisturizers just doesn’t seem to make any difference.

If you use coconut oil for shaving cream on your legs, not only will it moisturize them, but it will also keep them smooth & shiny days after. Trust me, this is the best oil for shaving legs.

5. Coconut oil for pubic hair

Pubic hair can get really harsh if we don’t shave with coconut oil or any oil for that matter. Using coconut oil softens pubic hair dramatically. Apply the oil to the pubic area for 20 minutes before taking a warm shower. This will leave your pubic hair soft enough to shave off, and prevent them from growing thicker.


Using coconut oil for shaving cream can be a great alternative to the overly expensive and processed shaving creams we find at our local stores. Not only does to benefit the skin, but using it can get rid of the razor burn that makes our life a living hell.

Keep in mind that only a small percentage of people are allergic when using coconut oil. To see if you are allergic or not, apply some of this oil to a small area of your skin. If you start seeing redness, swelling, and get itchy, you might need to reconsider using coconut oil to shave and as an after-shaving component.