Best Blow Dryer For Natural Curly Hair

The Best Blow Dryer for Curly Hair That Has Helped Millions of Women

Your hair absolutely requires VIP treatment, which involves finding the best blow dryer for natural hair to look sleek and shiny. Literally! It’s a must for us women to use quality shampoo products as well as the top blow dryers…well, at least if we don’t want our hair to eventually fall out!

So, do you feel that you need to give your hair the treatment they deserve? Here, we have listed some of the best blow dryers for curly hair that have helped millions of women with styling their hair.

Best Blow Dryer For Natural Curly Hair

Our Top 5 Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

1. Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer
Image credit: REVLON

Does your hair appear dry and lifeless? The reason behind this is because over the years it has been damaged by low-quality hair dryers that exposed it to too much heat. If you do not want history repeating itself, then it’s a good idea to pick the best blow dryer for black hair on the market.

The Revlon hairdryer and diffuser for natural black hair dries your hair using Infrared Heat Technology to reduce heat damage. This technology helps your hair keep its natural moisture. The dryer does this by heating the hair from the inside out, thus penetrating the hair’s cortex. This feature definitely makes this blow dryer for African American hair the best hair dryer for curly hair!

When the diffusor penetrates the hair’s cortex, the moisture in your hair gets stuck. This leads your hair to appear more hydrated. The dryer is also coated with 3 ceramic layers so it can reduce any heat damage your hair can be exposed to. But wait, there is something more important that makes this the best blow dryer for black hair! It features Tourmaline technology!

This technology is built with negative ions that make your hair look shiny and gives it that desired sleek appearance. Revlon 1875W Infrared is best for people who have dense curly hair, as its powerful design dries hair within a matter of minutes. So, maybe it’s time to finally say goodbye to staying a whole hour just to dry your hair. 

Revlon hairdryer is also equipped with styling clips to give you more versatility when styling your hair. This device also comes with a concentrator.


  • Reduces dryness of the hair due to infrared heat technology
  • Features tourmaline ceramic coating that reduces frizz
  • Low-cost product


  • Attachments are not the highest quality
  • The power button is placed too close to the turn off button

2. Revlon Comb Blow Dryer for Natural Black Hair

Revlon Comb Blow Dryer for Natural Black Hair
Image credit: REVLON

This comb blow dryer for black hair is an Amazon BESTSELLER for a reason. It has more than 14 thousand reviews! But, do you wonder why this hair dryer with comb is so in demand? Keep on scrolling to find out…

First off, many reviews claim that this dryer delivers smooth blowouts faster than any of its competitors. Its 2 in 1 design allows you to place the dryer close to the scalp. The results you might ask? Beautiful swingy full curls that look like you just came out of the salon!

What makes this one of the best blow dryers for curly hair is its clever design. Its shape makes it possible for two different types of brushes to simultaneously work together. The rounded corners create volume from lifting the hair, while the long flat part of the brush acts as a hair-straightening paddle brush.

What is even more amazing is that this comb blow dryer for black hair also has hundreds of reviews claiming that it has shortened their hair blowout time from 40-75 minutes to only 10 minutes!

However, this brush does come with a slight downside. Its heat options come only with two programmed settings, which are low and high. It doesn’t come with a medium setting. The same goes for the speed settings of this blow dryer with a comb for black hair. The high setting is quite hot to be used for brittle and thin hair. It’s also not recommended to be used on short hairstyles. But still, it is making it in the top good blow dryers for natural black hair. It works wonders if you have dense and long hair.

It can also be used as a blow dryer for natural hair, but in this case, experts recommend gently detangle your hair before blow-drying them with this device. This will dry a percentage of your hair, which reduces the chances of them getting damaged in the long term. If you do not follow this step, many experts warn that the styler of the dryer will eventually weaken your hair. 

For the best results, it is recommended that you put on a strengthening hair conditioner before the blowout procedure.


  • Dries even the thickest curly hair
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Smoothens hair
  • Detangles curly hair easily


  • Overheats if uses for more than 40 minutes
  • Not designed to straighten 4a-4c hair

3. NITION Ion Ceramic Blow Dryer with Comb Attachment for Black Hair

NITION Ion Ceramic Blow Dryer with Comb Attachment for Black Hair
Image credit: NITION

Keeping your curly hair appear healthy is challenging, but it’s not impossible if you purchase the best blow dryer for African American natural hair. That is why we have included the NITION blow dryer with comb attachment for natural hair. 

The thick ceramic build it contains is infused with other beneficial elements that leave your hair looking smooth and shiny. The elements include Tourmaline, which reduces the frizz to a minimum, by using negative ion technology. It is infused with Nano Silver, which helps in reducing hair damage. It also includes Argan Oil, which helps in repairing damaged hair as well as leaves your hair moisturized at the end of the blowout.

This blow dryer with comb attachment gives the best results to natural curly hair, as it comes with many attachments to improve your styling process. It includes a concentrator nozzle that helps in giving your hair a straighter and sleek appearance. This attachment can concentrate the airflow. It is also a blow dryer with comb attachment for black hair. The comb provides an easier blow-drying process. 

The last attachment this natural hair blow dryer comes with is the diffuser. Its purpose is to helps define your natural curls and even adds volume to them. 

When it comes to the heat setting, the blow dryer for curly hair has low, medium, and high heat settings. Giving you the possibility to achieve the hairstyle you want while keeping the damage to a low.


  • Ceramic build infused with Argan Oil, Tourmaline and Nano-Silver
  • Reduces damage and frizz
  • Designed with many attachment options


  • Attaching the different heads takes time to get used to
  • The handle gets warm after a long time of use

4. Jinri Infrared Blow Dryer with Comb Attachment

Jinri Infrared Blow Dryer with Comb Attachment
Image credit: JINRI

After talking about the best blow dryer with comb attachment for black hair, we have added yet another blow dryer with comb for black hair. Jinri natural hairdryer is a salon hair dryer that dries hair at a rapid speed due to its high voltage build.

It comes with a total of three attachments, similar to the NITION Ion Ceramic Blow Dryer. So, this means that you can easily achieve a variety of styles. The product is recommended for anybody that is looking to increase their hair’s natural texture and curl.

The Tourmaline technology will help you protect your hair from heat exposure and keep your hair far from looking dry and lifeless! Not to forget that this technology removes static and frizz that might form during the process of drying curly hair. 

An additional feature that comes with this blow dryer for curly hair is infrared heat technology. The purpose of the feature is entering the shaft of the hair to help in drying even the thickest hair texture in less than 10 minutes.


  • Reduces dryness of the hair due to infrared heat technology
  • Lightweight
  • Designed with many attachment options
  • Dries even the thickest curly hair


  • Doesn’t heat up immediately
  • The handle doesn’t have a good grip feature

5. Andis 1875-watt Professional Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer

Andis 1875-watt Professional Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer
Image credit: Andis

Andis blow dryers are mostly known for being built with ceramic ions that help in speeding the process of drying your hair. The way this works is because its ionic technology breaks water molecules in your hair into even smaller molecules. So, it’s not questionable as to why this is also considered the best blow dryer for natural black hair by experts.

However, this blow dryer for natural hair has somehow a more limited ionic technology when compared to other blow dryers on our list. Meaning that it does have less power when it comes to reducing frizz and static. But don’t be too shady about this. Because the Andis Hair Dryer does reduce frizz up to some point while it dries your hair. 

It mostly holds a name for being a fast hair drier. The secret behind its speed is because this blow drier for curly hair separates the molecules of water constantly, making the water evaporate rapidly.

This blow drier is also designed with a cool air shot setting. The purpose of it is to achieve different hairstyles, as well as keep the position of the hair locked in. This also speeds up the process of styling your hair. 

Andis 1875 Hair Dryer is one of the best blow driers for natural hair, as it goes easy on heat exposure. Additional features include a folding handle and retractable cord. The folding handle makes the blow drier more portable and also makes it easier to take along with you if you travel. 


  • Portable device
  • High-quality cord
  • Has an ionic feature that reduces frizz


  • The delicate folding feature can break if mishandled
  • Powerful but slightly deafening

All You Need to Know BEFORE Buying a Good Hair Dryer for Curly Natural Hair

If you are willing to purchase one of the top blow dryers for black hair in the market, you need to always check if it has the following features:

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology: If you are looking for a good hair dryer for natural hair that leaves your hair soft and smooth, look for this feature. The ceramic in the dryer makes sure to spread the heat evenly on a large surface of your hair, thus preventing your hair from heat damage. While the tourmaline helps your hair from getting frizzy throughout the rest of the day.

Ionic Technology: For a dryer to be considered as the best hair dryer for curly frizzy hair it needs to include this technology. The feature uses negatively charged ions; whose main purpose is to break the water molecules on your natural curls. This makes it easier for the hair to absorb the water and staying hydrated.

Heat and Speed Settings: Settings are really important if you are trying to find the best hair dryer for curly hair. The more heat and speed settings the dryer has, the better! Finding a good blow dryer with a cool shot button is even better, because this helps keep your hair look more intact once you are finished drying and styling them.

Diffuser: This helps your curls look more defined. Great blow dryers for natural hair usually come with a concentrator also. The concentrator is used if you want to straighten your hair.

Wattage: The ideal wattage for good blow dryers for black hair is somewhere between 1800 to 3600 Watt. Choosing it on the higher range of the ‘ideal’ spectrum will help your hair dry faster and cut down hair damage. 

Material: Good blow dryers for natural hair are made from durable ceramic material so they don’t break easily. 


We haven’t listed these products without a cause. They are all some of the highest rated and budget friendly blow driers on the market. They all include the latest technology which helps your hair remain undamaged after a blowout session.

However, if your hair is on the thickest side of the texture spectrum, I would advise the Revlon Comb Blow Dryer. It has a powerful and fast hair drying performance. Choosing Andis 1875 Hair Dryer would be a better option if your hair is too thin and brittle!