Guide to Best CrossFit Shoes for Women and Reviews 2017

Exercises of any kind are a sure way for women to keep fit and stay healthy. It comes at a price, though; you must invest in the best CrossFit shoes for women.

This guide will inform you on what makes the best CrossFit shoes. It will also give you a few recommendations.

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What to Look for in the Best CrossFit Shoes for Women

CrossFit is a challenging program and you need shoes that can beat the odds. Here are a few things you need to know about the best shoes for CrossFit women.

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Good CrossFit shoes come with durable soles. CrossFit exercises are demanding and your shoe should handle all your workouts. A durable shoe is a must have, whether you are into weightlifting, rope climbs, or running.

It is important for your shoes to offer support and protect against injuries. But, it is more important that they last through intense activities for a long period. The best CrossFit shoes for women should not fall apart within a few months.


Your CrossFit shoes should feel comfortable right out of the box. Most of the CrossFit activities put so much weight on your feet. For that reason, your feet need to feel restful so you don’t lose your posture or fall off balance.

Look for the general cushioning of the shoe as this translates to comfort.

The best women’s CrossFit shoes have moderate cushioning. Find if the shoe has a padded tongue and collar. Inspect if the shoe has a midfoot shank.

All these are qualities of the best CrossFit shoes for women.

The amazing looks of shoes should not fool you when you visit a store. At least wear them for a while just to feel how cozy they are. Check if they fit properly on your feet. Shoes that you least expect might surprise you super comfort.


Many people get carried away by the stunning shoe designs in footwear stores. Only a few people prioritize weight when it comes to the moment of buying. Weight actually contributes a lot to how comfy the shoe will be.

Shoes that feature synthetic and mesh tend to be the most lightweight. Rubber soles are also light and offer good traction as compared to other shoe soles. Consider shoes that feature lightweight materials as they contribute to the shoe’s overall weight.

Lightweight shoes help to reduce drag especially when running. Activities like box jumps, rope climbs, and cardio also beg for ultra light shoes. You will be able engage in several workouts for long periods if your feet are in light shoes.


It is good for a CrossFit shoe to be breathable so that your feet don’t get sweaty and uncomfortable. This also protects against bad odors.

Find shoes that feature mesh uppers. It wicks away moisture while keeping your feet dry throughout your workouts. Those without mesh are likely to have perforations on the upper material that allow for ventilation.

You should be aware that breathable shoes won’t be great outdoors during wet weather. The mesh will let in moisture thus they’ll become wet.

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It is evident that your ideal CrossFit shoes should give great support to all your sports. Your shoes must offer stability when you perform various movements. When deciding on the best shoes for CrossFit women, pay attention to the sole as it is the benchmark for the overall support.

The soles of CrossFit shoes are stable and offer good traction for moderate lateral movements. They have an average thickness and sturdy enough to operate well on hard floors and court surfaces.

Feet Shape

Perhaps the shape of your feet is the most important factor to consider before you buy CrossFit shoes. Know your arch type so you pick shoes that conform to your feet alignment.

People with flat feet suffer from over-pronation. This means their feet tend to roll inwards in a regular posture. In this case, you need shoes with great arch support to prevent excessive inward rolling of your feet.

Those with high-arched feet suffer from excessive outward rolling of feet. Shoes with good cushioning and soft midsoles are ideal for that situation. Go for a mix of arch support and good cushioning if you have normal arches.

Women do workout in gym


This is another attribute to consider before buying your CrossFit shoes. A good grip comes in handy considering you will be working out in a gym with a slippery floor.

Activities like Zumba, weightlifting and running need your shoes to grip well. Otherwise, you will risk suffering from injuries and muscle pulls.


This is what defines the best CrossFit shoes. The ideal shoes should extend functionality to activities like hiking, running, backpacking, and more. They should still be stylish enough to work as casual wear.

TOP 7 CrossFit Shoes for Women

</p> <h3>Nike Women’s MetCon 2 Training Shoes</h3> <p>

Nike Women’s MetCon 2 Training Shoes

This shoe is great for high-intensity training. It is stable, sturdy and built to last. This makes it suitable for jumping, running, rope climbing and weightlifting.

The uppers feature synthetic and fabric material that is lightweight and breathable. The midsole includes a thin layer of tough rubber that offers durability and abrasion-resistance.

This shoe supports you in every way while you train. Flex grooves allow your feet to move in a natural gait cycle.

The sticky rubber in the forefoot renders a proper grip on the ground. This gives you support especially when handling heavy loads.


  • It offers excellent stability.
  • The shoe is lightweight.
  • It is abrasion-resistant.
  • Perforations for breathability.
  • Good traction.


  • It takes time to get used to.


This shoe delivers on all your intense workouts with lifts, gymnastics, plyometrics, and sprints. It is a solid choice if you are looking for the best shoes for CrossFit.

</p> <h3>Reebok Women’s Nano 4.0 Cross-Training Shoe</h3> <p>

Reebok Women’s Nano 4.0 Cross-Training Shoe

This shoe jumps into this list as one of the best shoes for CrossFit women because it supports heavy lifters, sprinters, and athletes. The construction features a patented Duracage upper material that is sturdy and lightweight. The uppers have perforations that wick away moisture and keep your feet dry.

A RopePro protection wrap surrounds the foot of the shoe. It provides extra grip and agility when tackling tough challenges. This shoe has a low heel-to-toe drop that increases stability.

It has a loose fit on your foot. This is beneficial as it can accommodate your foot when it swells after hours of training. You can still use the lace-up closure to adjust your desired fit.


  • Breathable mesh uppers.
  • Good stability.
  • It is ultra-lightweight.
  • Good shock absorption.


  • It is stiff and rigid.


This shoe can handle all sorts of demanding and intensive workouts. Invest in the Nano 4.0 if you want the best CrossFit shoes. You will have value for your money.

</p> <h3>PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe</h3> <p>

PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe

These shoes are fantastic for anyone who works on their feet all day. They have a pretty look that anyone looking for the best women’s CrossFit shoes would desire.

The leather, fabric and synthetic design makes them long lasting. The uppers have perforations on the toes and sides for breathability.

Another great part with these shoes is the TPU shank. It optimizes energy transfer that powers you to exercise faster and longer. You use less energy to do more in these shoes.

The Tazon 6 has great arch support with a padded tongue and collar. It also features EVA heel pod that provides cushioning and absorbs impact on every step.


  • Good arch support.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Durable.
  • Great stylish looks.
  • TPU shank optimizes energy transfer.


  • Not great for outdoor use.
  • They are not waterproof.


These are great shoes for the basic, long indoor workouts. You can also use them for everyday wear.

</p> <h3>New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoe</h3> <p>

New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoe

These shoes have some good qualities for exercising and running. They feature ABZORB technology that absorbs shock and impact with every step you take.

They feature an IMEVA midsole that offers arch support when running or during load-bearing workouts. The rubber outsole is also great for absorbing impact. An internal shank is available to provide your feet with better support.

The design is a mix of synthetic and fabric materials. These are great features for the best women’s CrossFit shoes because of their lightweight.

They also fit well on the feet with a little snug. They are stable shoes that encourage lateral movements.


  • Great arch support.
  • Good shock absorption.
  • Affordable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Supportive internal shank.


  • They lack durability.


These shoes are great for all types of exercising. The price is pretty good as well as the quality.

</p> <h3>Adidas Performance Gymbreaker Bounce Training Shoe</h3> <p>

Adidas Performance Gymbreaker Bounce Training Shoe Women’s

These shoes are featherweight which makes them perfect for a variety of exercises. The sole is the selling attribute with these shoes. It features BOUNCE technology that offers energized comfort and footbed support for all sports.

The outsole also features a pivot point that makes circular training easy. This is perfect for women who take part in Zumba classes. It is also non-marking so it does not scuff the floor.

Adjustable floating mesh midfoot panels provide for extra upper support while working out.

The design features synthetics, rubber, and textiles; a perfect mix for durability and comfort.


  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Bouncy.
  • Good impact protection.
  • Adjustable midfoot mesh panels.


  • Traction is not that great.


These shoes should be on top of your list when looking for the best women’s CrossFit shoes. You will have value for your money as they will last through the most intense training.

</p> <h3>ASICS Gel Nimbus 15 Women’s</h3> <p>

ASICS Gel Nimbus 15 Women’s

The Nimbus 15 is a popular choice among the best women’s CrossFit shoes. This shoe delivers superior comfort with the ASICS GEL cushioning technology. It reduces impact with every foot strike allowing for quicker movements when needed.

It comes in various color schemes that are perfect for making gym a bit more colorful.

The uppers have a generous amount of foam that gives a pampering feel. The forefoot support is great especially for activities that utilize the front part.

The upper design features a mesh finishing that allows for breathability. The toe box of the shoe is roomy thus there is free movement through the forefront. The deep grooves in the sole also add to flexibility.


  • Excellent forefoot support.
  • Roomy toe box.
  • Great cushioning technology.
  • Comfortable sole design.


  • It is somehow heavy.
  • Less attractive look.


Choose the Nimbus 15 if most of your training involves running. These shoes still deliver performance when it comes to cross training.

</p> <h3>Nike Women’s Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 Cross Trainer</h3> <p>

Nike Women’s Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 Cross Trainer

This Nike model comes in a simple design that is effective for various workouts. The best feature about this shoe is the Flywire technology. This technology integrates internal micro-cables that provide support around the feet.

The Herringbone sole is another good feature. It offers the required traction for quick-response movements as well as multi-directional traction.

One of the major qualities of the best women’s shoes for CrossFit is lightweight. Nike designs these shoes with mesh which makes them breathable, flexible and lightweight.


  • Flywire technology for better support.
  • Herringbone sole offers good traction.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Breathable.
  • Cheap price.


  • Limited arch support.
  • Not suitable for long running periods.


These shoes have a cheap price tag but they don’t fall short on the design and features. The lightweight and flexibility makes them great for quick workouts.


Buying the best women’s shoes for CrossFit can be time-consuming. Searching online even takes a lot of time considering the wide range of available options. There are a lot of things to look for and you can only source technical information from experts.

We hope you found these crucial tips helpful. They should help you before you buy the best CrossFit shoes for women. When in a store, don’t be afraid to ask the salesman about the ideal CrossFit shoe for your feet.

When buying online, do thorough research before you add to cart.