Best Hard Wax

Best Hard Wax for Painless Hair Removal

You might have fallen a bit back with your skin care routine, or maybe you just haven’t found the best hard wax to keep your skin looking as smooth as ever. Procrastinating on self-care happens to all of us from time to time. But it isn’t something you can’t fix at the comfort of your own home. 

Of course, finding good hair removal products can be somewhat confusing. That’s exactly why we have listed some of the most effective hair wax that have left people obsessed for years on end! Keep on scrolling to find which best suits your skin type!

Our Top 5 Best Hard Wax

Best Hard Wax

1. Charcoal Hard Wax Painless Black Wax Beans

Charcoal Hard Wax Painless Black Wax Beans Reviews
Image credit: Wax Necessities

There are a ton of professional hard wax brands waiting to be purchased. However, in this black wax beans review, this product made it on our list for a reason. The Charcoal professional stripless wax uses a special patented rubber component that makes it 32% more economical than other competitive brands. The components are precisely formulated to make this hard bean wax the best professional wax for hair removal intended for any skin type.

After heating the stripless body wax, it becomes a cream wax for hair removal that hardens as soon as you put it on the surface of your skin. It is a product recommended for bikini areas. And can even be easily used if you have no previous experience with using hard wax before. 

When these wax beads for hair removal are used on the bikini area, they do not leave your skin with rashes or burns. Because these beans are made with titanium dioxide, making it the best hard wax for sensitive skin

Many of the painless black wax beans reviews confirm their results, giving this product a rating of over 4 out of 5 stars! What makes these wax beads for hair removal give such desired results is that it uses high-quality hypoallergenic resin which is combined with elastic abilities to make the stripping process as painless as possible. Not to forget, this black hard wax hair removal product contains Charcoal powder that helps in removing any dead skin cells and dirt on the skin after you peel it off!


  • Holds purifying charcoal
  • Hardens fast
  • Made with hypoallergenic resin
  • The best hard wax for sensitive skin


  • Takes a while to prepare
  • Creamy texture can make it messy to spread on the skin

2. Regalico Professional Hard Wax Kit and Hard Waxing Beans

Regalico Professional Hard Wax Kit and Hard Waxing Beans
Image credit: REGALICO

What makes these Brazilian wax beads the best hard wax for sensitive skin is their ingredients. The wax is made out of natural oils and unprocessed components. This painless wax hair removal uses rose oil, which not only gives this professional hair removal wax an amazing smell, it also minimizes the pain during the stripping process.

The wax is great on stubborn coarse hair, as its ingredients are made to exfoliate them. Exfoliation softens the hair and makes it easier to strip off. Regalico pro wax kit provides you with minimal discomfort during the waxing process, as well as protects you from any skin irritation that comes along with shaving or waxing the old-fashioned way.

These professional body wax supplies include 4 rose scented bags of the best hard wax, a 500ml electric wax melting device, 10 wooden spatulas to spread the wax, and 10 best professional wax for eyebrows sticks. It includes all professional waxing products that you need to make the whole process suitable to do at home.

If you hate burning yourself with wax that is too hot, then this best professional hair removal wax has the solution under its sleeve. The product is made out of a durable heat resistant ingredient with ABS material to keep it from getting too hot. The wax beads hair removal product takes just 10 minutes to melt and be ready to spread on your skin.  


  • FDA certified
  • Includes natural ingredients
  • Removes 94% of hair in the first pull


  • Slightly painful for sensitive skin

3. Cirepil Painless Wax Hair Removal Bead Wax

Cirepil Painless Wax Hair Removal Bead Wax Reviews
Image credit: Cirepil

You might probably have heard of the Cirepil painless hair removal wax before, due to being one of the best hard wax beads used in top waxing salons. As soon as it became available online, this salon hard wax became an instant bestseller and remains one of the few pro waxes that are high in demand. 

The Cirepil blue wax hair removal has been circulating in the market since 1936! And the brand has opened more than 20 professional depilatory wax salons themselves. It just shows how much they know their stuff! Cirepil pearl wax was the first waxing brand to invent the hypoallergenic wax and the stripless wax, so it’s ahead of its time. That pretty much explains why the internet is going crazy for this blue wax for hair removal.

Cirepil blue wax beans are cost-effective and made to wax coarse hair to even the frizziest of hair. The reason behind this is because this professional body waxing product is made of patented polymer ingredients that shrink each strain of hair to make the stripping process painless and fast. 

Thousands of pearl wax reviews show clearly that the Brazilian hard wax gives the results that it promises to users with even the most sensitive skin. When the wax gets hard on your skin, simply pull the wax with your fingers and watch those undesired body hairs get detached from your skin. 


  • Patented polymer ingredients
  • Best wax beans for even the thickest hair
  • No need for strips
  • Best soft wax for sensitive skin


  • On the more expensive side

4. Lansley for Full Body Brazilian Painless Wax Beans

Lansley for Full Body Brazilian Painless Wax Beans
Image credit: Lifestance

Another good hard wax that made it on our list is the Lansley Aloe. This professional depilatory also holds the title ‘best seller’ and it sure has a reason as to why it is considered as the best hard wax brand for Brazilian. The blue body wax has a low melting point. It has a melting point of 130 degrees, which is lower than the average 140 degrees melting point wax beads normally have. 

This is considered the best soft wax for Brazilian because it is gentle to the skin when peeled off. It is great if you do not have a lot of experience with waxing, and need to take your time spreading it on your skin. Lansley hard wax beads for hair removal are made of 100% natural components that work great even if you have any allergic reactions to chemicals.

 However, these hard wax beads for hair removal come in only one color and type, which is the Aloe scent. But do not worry, it’s not a scent that is meant to bombard your whole house with its smell. This blue hard wax for hair removal has a rather mild scent that is similar to Levander. 

If you need a trusted brand to wax face, then the Lansley Aloe is the best hard wax for face. It is gentle when used for the mustache area, eyebrow area, and chin area. The blue wax for face leaves your face rash free and with no signs of redness after peeling it off your face.

Because of its high effectiveness, this blue wax for Brazilian waxing can be considered as being a bit more on the pricey side. But in the end, it is considered a high-quality wax that also comes with its electrical warmer, so it is worth it for the price you pay. 


  • No previous experience needed
  • Made with aloe vera extract
  • Dries fast the moment its spread on the skin
  • Best professional wax for even the thickest hair


  • Its consistency is thicker than other brands

5. Kolua Hard Wax Beans

Kolua Hard Wax Beans
Image credit: KoluaWax

And last, but not least on the painless wax reviews is the Kolua hard wax for Brazilian. Keep in mind that the Kolua painless hair removal wax is also sold under the name Femirowax. The product comes in three different scents from which to choose: rose, tea tree, or lavender. But the different scents make no difference regarding the performance of this painless wax hair removal. 

Kolua is a becoming a wax used in salons because of its waxing professional performance with long-lasting results. What makes it the best professional hard wax is that it is fast and easy to use. You can melt it in a warmer or even on your stove for a couple of minutes. 

Although, the instructions say you can melt these waxing beads for hair removal in a microwave, many of the painless wax reviews this product has, recommend not following that step. Many claims that melting the wax in the microwave makes the product stringy. Other hard wax reviews of this product advise buying more than 2-3 packages, because the Kolua wax beads packs are small.


  • Best wax beads for even the thicket hair
  • Made with carnauba palm wax
  • Comes with waxing sticks


  • Slightly painful professional hair wax
  • Packs are small

Consider the Following Factors Before Using the Hard Wax

Hard Wax For Hair Removal

Can Hair Wax Permanently Damage Your Skin?

For all of you that still are not clear on what is hard wax hair removal, it is simply removes the hair out by lifting out the roots of your hair. In terms of traditional waxing, you usually put hot wax on your skin. When the wax hardens, you then pull it off your skin. While pulling the wax, make sure to do it quickly to reduce pain and to increase effectiveness. 

However, the question remains…can you damage your skin by waxing? Well, the problem is that when waxing at home, you can end up heating the wax too much. If the wax is too hot and gets applied to the surface of your skin, you can get hurt. There are even cases where people that tried waxing at home have even ended up permanently damaging their skin due to applying extremely hot wax on them. 

If you want to continue removing your hair with wax, then make sure to follow the heating instructions of the wax brand. If you think you left the wax heat for too long, just simply place your hand over the wax to check if it is releasing a lot of heat.

Do Not Immediately Get Exposed to Sunlight if You Have a Dark Skin Complexion

Yes, hot wax burns the skin but it must be hot to some degree when applying to be efficient in removing all your hair. Here is some advice for people with thinner or more sensitive skin: 

Always apply wax on the verge of hardening. When it comes to sensitive skin, the hotter the wax the more it will pull off the top layers of the skin along with your hair. Even though this has nothing to do with your skin burning, you can rip the top layer of the skin.

Now if you have darker skin, this can cause hyperpigmentation. Think of your skin like a huge sensitive spot after you wax it. When you expose this sensitive spot to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it might get damaged. Why we say ‘might’ all depend on the darkness of your skin. The more melanin the skin has the more it will get affected by the ultraviolet rays and get permanently damaged.

Never Pull the Wax in the Direction That Your Hair is Growing

Let’s face it, we all hate ingrown hair. Not only it looks disgusting, but it is also challenging to get rid of. The best way to prevent these irritating ingrown hairs from forming is by waxing the right way and remove the full hair follicle. This means that you need to make sure to keep your skin tense and strip the wax from the opposite direction that your hair has been growing.

Always Change Waxing Brand if You See that Your Skin is Getting Damaged

Experts and doctors from all around the world recommend to be careful and investigate the way your skin reacts to the wax brand you are using at the moment. If you have just switched between brands and see your skin keeps reacting negatively to it, then immediately stop using that particular wax brand!