Best at Home Waxing Kits and Reviews

Waxing is a popular way of removing unwanted hair from all over the body. Although it’s painful, the results tend to be semi-permanent, ranging from 4 to 8 hairless weeks.

There are a lot of waxing kits in the market and finding the best at home waxing kit can be overwhelming.

PictureHome Waxing KitsTypeReview
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Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Hair Removal KitCheck Price on Amazon.comSally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Hair Removal KitBikini Wax KitOur Review
Non-Woven Hair Removal Waxing StripsCheck Price on Amazon.comNon-Woven Hair Removal Waxing StripsHome Wax StripsOur Review
Surgi-Wax Brazilian Wax Kit for Private PartsCheck Price on Amazon.comSurgi-Wax Brazilian Wax Kit for Private PartsBrazilian Wax KitOur Review

The waxing process involves removing hairs from the roots. Whether you want to remove hair from your legs, arms, face, or bikini area, these days there are at-home waxing kits suited for every part.

Perhaps you are shy to let a stranger wax your private parts in a professional salon. Well, there is a wide range of kits you can pick from to remove unwanted hair in the privacy of your home. Home waxing kits even come at a fraction of the cost you’d get a salon wax.

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The daunting task is finding the best at home wax kit. It gets more confusing with the numerous reviews on the internet and with every company advertising their products as “the best”.

Here are a few things that you should consider when looking for the best waxing kits:

Choosing the Best at Home Waxing Kit

The Part of the Body You Want to Wax

Be aware that not all waxing kits serve the same purpose. Even manufacturers tend to specialize in a specific line of kits. The best waxing kit is specially designed to treat a particular part of the body.

Go with larger and warm waxing kits when you intend to wax large areas like arms and legs. If you plan to wax small areas, it would be practical to go with smaller kits and cold wax strips. But no matter the case, the best waxing kit should provide for both options.

How Often You Want to Use the Kit

It would be economical to go for a kit that can be heated in a microwave if you plan to wax more frequently. It will also be ideal for you to buy a larger kit of warm wax.

If you opt for waxing strips, get a large pack with several strips. You can also go for kits with washable, reusable kits.

On the other hand, if you plan to wax once in a while, then it’s logical to buy small kits of hot or cold wax. Cold waxing strips are especially recommended for small areas such as the face. A pack of cold wax costs a lot more but they can be used many times.

Sugar Wax vs. Regular Wax

There is a slight difference between the two. Sugar wax often sticks to the hairs and never the skin, thus making it the more effective option. It is also less painful and the most preferred. It is made of natural ingredients making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin.

Normal wax tends to adhere to the skin and that makes hair removal more painful.

How the Wax is Applied

You can choose between kits that come with a spatula or roll-on applicators. In the case of a spatula, you need to melt the wax before applying a thin layer of the wax to the skin. After a few minutes, you then pull out the hair using a fabric cloth.

Some home waxing kits come with roll-on applicators. The advantage of this method over the spatula is that it’s easier to handle and less messy. Some kits feature ready-to-use strips which you only press onto the hair and pull out for a smooth skin within no time.

Price of the Kit

Some home waxing kits might be expensive, but that doesn’t mean they are the best. Evaluate your budget whenever you want to buy one and find the most suitable kit for the part you want to treat. Also, note that price may vary depending on the brand and type.

With these factors considered, here are some of the best at home waxing kits designed for different body parts.

Best Home Face Waxing Kit

</p> <h3>GiGi Student Starter Kit</h3> <p>

GiGi Student Starter Kit

This kit designed for beginners removes unwanted hair from the face just like a pro. Perhaps it’s why it earns lots of praise as the best home face waxing kit. It also works on bikini area, legs, underarms and arms.

The kit contains one 14 ounce wax warmer which is incredibly generous for its inexpensive price. Another 14-ounce all-purpose honey wax is also available. This helps to soften the skin and minimize pain during actual hair removal.

It includes 10 small applicators that allow you to precisely apply wax on small areas such as chin, upper lip and face. Also, it has 20 small muslin strips for waxing small areas. The same number of strips is available for large areas like legs and arms.

The kit includes a wax-off that you can use to remove the wax after you are done. It has a slight odor but it’s not offensive.


  • It has precision applicators.
  • The all-purpose honey prevents irritation.
  • Works for both small and large areas.


  • The strips aren’t strong enough.


The student starter kit is effective on most body parts. Perhaps what gives the kit more credit for facial use is the small strips and petite applicators.

</p> <h3>Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face and Lip Wax</h3> <p>

Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face and Lip Wax

This microwaveable product is quick and effective at removing unwanted facial hair closer to the skin. It warms in a few minutes and is easy to use. Just apply and rip it off. If that doesn’t make sense, it still comes with instructions on how to use.

This wax leaves the skin smooth for up to 8 weeks, longer than most facial waxes. It features 3 easy-to-use brow guides to help you shape your eyebrows in your desired style. The Mini Tweezer helps to remove any stray hairs for optimum results.

Waxing being a painful experience, this kit includes a post-treatment lotion that soothes and calms the skin. The product is both dermatologist and salon tested.

It has a strong smell but it’s not a big deal. This product simply has all you want in the best home face waxing kit.


  • It is effective.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It leaves long-lasting results.
  • The scent is less offensive.


  • Takes longer to heat wax than the mentioned time.
  • The wax hardens too fast.
  • The tweezers are not effective.


This product does a great job at removing unwanted hair. But, you have to heat the wax a little bit more than the said “few seconds”.

Best Eyebrow Waxing Kit

</p> <h3>Parissa Brow Shaper Mini Waxing Strips</h3> <p>

Parissa Brow Shaper Mini Waxing Strips

This product contests for the best eyebrow waxing kit with substantial reasons. Featuring 32 wax strips, this product is convenient and makes eyebrow waxing a breeze.

The strips are quite small, measuring 25mm X 7mm, thus ideal for eyebrow shaping and tidying. The strips are placed between clear plastic sheets so you can see exactly where you want to place.

The product comes with an instructional leaflet and a vial of Azulene Oil for post-treatment. It is also recommended that you carry out the waxing at night especially for sensitive skin so that irritation can settle down through the night.

For effective hair removal, you should pull the strips in the opposite direction of hair growth and closer to the skin. Use tweezers to remove stray hairs. The strips can also be used to remove small hairs on fingers and toes.


  • Ready-to-use waxing strips.
  • Azulene Oil to soothe and calm the skin.
  • Comes with instruction leaflet.
  • Great for beginners, touch-ups and travel.


  • It is painfuf.
  • It may cause reddening.


The Brow shaper is an easy-to-use product which promises up to 6 weeks of smooth eyebrows.

</p> <h3>Nad’s Eyebrow Shaper, Facial Wand</h3> <p>

Nad’s Eyebrow Shaper, Facial Wand

This product designed from Nad’s Gel formula is easy to use with no heating required. It features a precision tip that follows the eyebrow contours while dispensing wax. The product contains hypoallergenic ingredients that help to heal sensitive skin.

The Nad’s brow shaper has 4 cleansing wipes that help in removing make-up from the skin before applying the gel. It features 10 reusable cloth strips that are easy to clean in warm water to remove the gel. There are also 8 eyebrow treatments.

The box also contains an instruction leaflet that guides on Nad’s three easy hair removal steps. The facial wand has a sweet smell and it’s quite sticky.


  • No heating required.
  • Precision tip enhances easy brow shaping.
  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • 4 pre-treatment wipes remove make-up residue.
  • Reusable cotton strips.
  • Cleans with water.


  • Instruction typeface is too small to read.
  • It needs the patience to notice results.


This product has many features that make the best eyebrow waxing kit. Being cost-effective is also a big plus for you to get it out of the shelf.

Best Ear Wax Removal Kit

</p> <h3>Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy</h3> <p>

Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy

Dr. Easy Elephant Ear Washer offers a practical, easy-to-use and cheap way to get rid of earwax. It features a spray water device that applies enough water pressure to remove wax from the ear.

The kit comes with 1 elephant ear wash bottle and three disposable tips. The long tube designed like an elephant trunk is what gave it the respective name. The tube also ensures convenience aiming. This product is widely used in clinics and hospitals.

The stopper on tub prevents any object from touching the eardrum. It includes earwax softener with hydrogen peroxide to loosen impacted wax for easy cleaning. Mixing it with warm water makes it more effective.


  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Includes ear wax softener.
  • Easy to control water pressure.
  • Cost-effective.


  • The instructions are not easily understood.


When it comes to ear wax removal, this is the most effective you can find out there. It goes without saying that it’s the best ear wax removal kit.

</p> <h3>RUMIO 6 pcs Ear Pick Ear Curette Earwax Removal</h3> <p>

RUMIO 6 pcs Ear Pick Ear Curette Earwax Removal

It features a set of six professional tools for your ear-care needs. This set is especially good for those who suffer from earwax build-up. The tools have a double-ended design which gives you even extra tool shapes to select from.

These professional tools are specially designed to safely and efficiently lift wax from the ear. This is a big advantage over cotton swabs that sometimes push wax further inside the ear.

The tools have a unique spring and spiral design that helps to relieve itching as well as massage the ear canal while cleaning. They have an ergonomic design with handles that enhance easy, secure and non-slip grip. The tools are smooth, well-polished and rounded design to prevent scratching and irritation.

The kit comes with a storage box to keep and take the tools anywhere with you. The well-designed package makes it great as a gift for friends. The tools are suitable for both personal and family use when used right.


  • A wide range of tool shapes.
  • Effective earwax removal.
  • Ergonomic design for safe, easy control.
  • Storage box – great for travel.


  • Children can mess around with these tools and hurt each other.


This is a huge recommendation especially if you are looking for a kit to help with earwax build-up. When looking for the best ear wax removal kit, this product is a serious competitor.

Best at Home Bikini Wax Kit

</p> <h3>Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Hair Removal Kit</h3> <p>

Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax Hair Removal Kit

This kit provides an inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair from the bikini line, legs and arms, with results up to 8 weeks. It heats fast in a microwave for quick and ease of use.

The product is suitable for sensitive skin on every part of the body. You can always check the ingredients in case you know you are allergic to some substances. It has a soothing, lavender scent.

It contains Azulene Oil that softens, calms and moisturizes the skin after treatment. The kit also includes 20 fabric strips, 8 wooden applicator spatulas and instructions leaflet in English and Spanish.

This product helps to reduce the appearance of hair re-growth with continuous usage.


  • Convenient to use at home.
  • Good value for money.
  • Formulated for use on sensitive skin.
  • Easy to heat.
  • Finishing oil to moisturize the skin.


  • Can get messy and will need oil to clear up.
  • Not enough cloth strips.
  • Wax dries quickly – needs constant reheating.


The Lavender Spa wax is effective for at-home hair removal but it can get messy too. Anyway, the good value for money it offers is enough to make it the best at home bikini wax kit.

</p> <h3>GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Formula</h3> <p>

GiGi Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Formula

This product is ideal for use at home and salon. It is microwaveable and melts in few minutes. It comes in an 8-ounce jar and requires no muslin strips. The wax effectively removes unwanted hair around the bikini area without leaving any residue on the skin.

The kit comes with substantial accessories and applicators for an affordable price. It has 5 small and 5 large applicators to remove hair from the respective areas. The gentle formula works on sensitive skin and removes even the coarsest hair from delicate areas.

The wax dries fast so you need to be quick at ripping it off. This is also advantageous as the process becomes less time-consuming. The wax is brittle, which makes it easy to clean if it drips on the floor or sink.


  • Microwaveable – it heats up fast.
  • The wax needs no strips.
  • The kit comes with many different applicators.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Removes coarse hair.


  • The wax may break easily.
  • It can be messy for beginners.


Hands down! This is the best at home bikini wax kit.

Best at Home Wax Strips

</p> <h3>Parissa Wax Strips, Face and Bikini</h3> <p>

Parissa Wax Strips, Face and Bikini

It comes with 16 wax strips, 8 double sided, which are quite easy to use even for beginners; just press on and zip off. Parissa provides photo instructions along with this product for you to work mess-free.

The product features small wax strips customized for the upper lip, jaw, bikini line and other small areas. The package contains a bottle of Azulene Oil which soothes and softens the skin for a less painful experience. It also prevents ingrown hairs.

The product is also ideal for touch-ups and travels. It gives up to 6 weeks of smoothness, longer than the usual 4. This is what you expect from the best at home wax strips; extra performance.


  • Ready-to-use wax strips.
  • No irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Customized strips for small areas.
  • Long-lasting smoothness.


  • Not effective with large areas.


The Parissa Wax strips provide the easiest at-home waxing option.

</p> <h3>Non-Woven Hair Removal Waxing Strips</h3> <p>

Non-Woven Hair Removal Waxing Strips

This 100 count non-woven strips are highly rated hair removers. They are used along with all soft hair removal waxes as they don’t contain wax on them. Preferably, BodyHonee hair removal wax.

The strips won’t tear while pulling out hair as they are thick and durable.

They come in 3’’x 9’’ dimensions making them ideal for use in all areas of the body. Still, they can be cut down to small sizes to suit small areas like the upper lip and chin.

What’s even more interesting is that you can use one strip for more than 5 pulls. There is no need to use a new strip each time.


  • It comes with 100 strips.
  • Perfect to use with all hair removal waxes.
  • Thick, durable strips.
  • Strips can be cut to suit small areas.
  • Wax strips can be used 5+ times.


  • Can cause skin reddening.
  • Somehow hard to follow.


You don’t get 100 wax strips anywhere else, so this pack walks away as the best at home wax strips. With the right hair removal wax, these strips can fasten hair removal on almost every part of the body.

Best at Home Brazilian Wax Kit

</p> <h3>Surgi-Wax Brazilian Wax Kit for Private Parts</h3> <p>

Surgi-Wax Brazilian Wax Kit for Private Parts

Surgiwax has prepared this product for ease of use and mess free. ­­All you have to do is heat it up in the microwave and stir for a smooth wax. Featuring a convenient jar handle, you have no worries of looking for potholders or burning your hands.

The Surgi-wax includes Pre-epilation Oil for ensuring wax only sticks to the hair and not the skin. The spatulas are wider than regular sizes to spread wax over a wider surface at a time, thus saving you time.

The Brazilian waxing guide is also another time-saving attribute of this product. It comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations to quicken the process.

It also contains maple honey that provides a perfect grip of each hair for complete plucking from the root.

The product leaves smooth results for up to 6 weeks without stubble. Using the kit continuously ensures hair grows back slower and finer.


  • Easy-to-use design.
  • Simple instructions and illustrations.
  • Wider than usual applicators.
  • Long-lasting results.
  • Great grip on hair.


  • It is painful.


This product is awesome. It ranks on top of many as the best at home Brazilian wax kit.

</p> <h3>GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit</h3> <p>

GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit

This is another great product for Brazilian. Featuring a DVD guide for Brazilian waxing instructions, you can never go wrong with this kit. Even beginners will find it user-friendly.

The kit features a 1-ounce wax warmer, 14-ounce Brazilian hard wax and over 30 different applicators. It also comes with pre-epilation oil that ensures that wax only adheres to your hair and never your skin.

This wax hurts just like all other waxing kits. But, GiGi recommends applying it in the direction of hair growth to reduce the pain when ripping it off. You can also try it on a small area to become comfortable with it.

Still, you can apply the after-wax cooling Gel to minimize irritation.


  • Comes with an instructional DVD.
  • Favorable to beginners.
  • It has many applicators.
  • The Cooling Gel minimizes ripping sensation.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It hurts.


The GiGi Brazilian waxing kit is a wonderful product that will bring the salon experience to your home. It’s another kit you should consider in the hunt for best at home Brazilian wax kit.

You just have to become accustomed to the “ouch” factor for the long-term benefit.

In Closing

It is agreeable that visiting a salon to have someone treat you is very convenient. But, it comes at a hefty price, plus the trips you have to make now and then. If you rather conscious with your privacy, then you should use the above tips to find the best at home waxing kit.