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The Ladies Guide to the Best Reusable Menstrual Pads and TOP 19 Reviews

Pads, period pads, menstrual pads, sanitary pads and the good old sanitary napkin and feminine napkin. While you are figuring out what to call them, you may also be wondering how to choose the right one.

If you are wondering why on earth anyone would call it a napkin, you are reading the wrong article, we have no idea. But if you would like to know how to choose the best Feminine Napkin (PAD!) for you, keep reading.

What are the best period pads and best reusable pads? Glad you asked! Our guide will take you through the process of choosing the best feminine pads for you.

We will give our recommendations for the best pads across several categories, such as reusable pads, pads for teens and tweens, pads for sports, the best overnight pads, organic period pads and more.

What Are the Features of Disposable Pads?

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Disposable pads have the convenience of being toss-able after every change. No need to wash and dry the pad or any of that business. They are, by far, the most popular pad type in the US, but reusable pads are gaining popularity.

Disposable pads are not generally very eco friendly and they can be more expensive over the long haul, when compared to their reusable cloth sisters, but the sheer convenience factor makes disposables so popular.

Disposable pads usually have a water or leak proof barrier on the bottom, with an absorbent layer and a soft permeable cover to allow the fluid to flow to the absorbent core.

Some disposable pads have wings that wrap around and stick to the underside or your panties with adhesive. Disposable pads also have an adhesive strip down the center on the bottom side so the pad stays put.

Usually, disposable pads come individually wrapped in a plastic cover which can be saved to use later when you need to toss the pad. And that’s about it, a pretty simple product really.

What Are Reusable Pads and How Do They Work?

Reusable pads, as the name implies, can be used again and again, for about 5 years. You wash them after each use.

They are more cost effective than buying disposable pads each month, the material is usually super comfy, and you need that when you are “PMSing”.

They are very cute, and with the huge variety available, you can choose those that fit your style. They are free from chemicals, healthier, and some women say that makes their periods less crampy and even lighter. Who knew?!

Why Use Reusable Pads?

  • Reusable pads are eco friendly, they last for 5 years or more so you use far, far less. This reduces landfill waste and manufacturing waste.
  • They cost less. Since they are reusable, you can buy maybe 5 to 10 of them and they last for years, unlike disposables where you likely need a box every month or so.
  • The cost to purchase 10 reusable pads is about 30 to 60 dollars, and those should last about 5 years. The cost of buying a box of pads every other month for 5 years is 200 to 300 dollars.
  • When disposable pads and tampons are made, the bleaching of the rayon fibers can create dioxins , which are released into the environment and into the disposable products themselves
  • Dioxin is toxic and can disrupt the immune system, cause fertility problems and other health concerns. A study done with monkeys showed that exposure to dioxin caused endometriosis, causing two monkeys to die.

Storage – What Do I Do With the Reusable Pad?

Reusable pads have wings with a snap. The snap is useful because it can be snapped around the bottom of your underwear to hold the pad in place. When storing the pad, you fold it up and snap it closed, creating a neat little package.

This is good if you want to store one in your purse, or after you have used it you can snap it up and place it in a Ziplocs bag if you are away from home.

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Helpful Hacks for Cleaning and Using Reusable Pads

The great news is reusable pads can be washed in the laundry machine, just like the rest of your clothes. You can also hand wash them and hang them to dry, if that is your style.

Here are some tips for common issues encountered when cleaning reusable pads.

  • The best stain remover in a reusable pad is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide reacts with the hemoglobin in your blood, and the blood bubbles its way out of your pad.
    Before you launder the pads, pour a small amount of peroxide on the stain and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then wash as usual.
  • Find a cute two-sided water resistant bag to store clean pads, wipes etc. on one side and soiled pads and zip lock bags on the other. Keeping everything in one place will save you some headaches.
  • If you like to hand wash or have a small stash of reusables, or simply don’t want to do a load of laundry, it’s simple to hand wash those puppies…er…pads.
  1. Rinse with Cold water, till it runs clear.
  2. Treat stains with Hydrogen peroxide and let sit for 5 min
  3. Soak overnight in a bucket of water with a cap of detergent
  4. Rinse well and hang in the SUN. Sunlight kills bacteria.

Choosing the Right Pad for You – What You Should Look For

How Much Absorbency Do I Need Today?

Some brands have absorbency ratings like light, regular, heavy, super heavy. Others use cute little droplet icons, one drop for light, two for regular and so on.

There are even Panty liner, Ultra thin, regular, Maxi, super, Overnight, and Maternity.

So how do you decide? This is where you need to do a little experimenting. Starting with regular is a safe bet.

The Long and Short of it.

They make sanitary napkins in size ‘long’. Why would you need a long? Basically for more coverage. You will discover how much coverage you need, it’s something you need to experiment with.

Without getting into all the TMI details here, just realize that not all ladies bleed in the same pattern, so to speak. The downside of a long pad is there is more chance of the pad being seen under clothing.

Should I “Wing” It?

Some pads, like the mighty emperor penguin, have wings, but don’t fly. That does not make them any less useful, in fact those wings are quite handy. The wings on a pad have adhesive to wrap around the panty and offer more coverage and protection.

Some feel they add more bulk, while others love them. So, you can experiment to see what you like, and thanks to Mother Nature, you get a chance to run these experiments practically every month of your menstruating years.

You never knew this whole menstruation thing would turn you into a scientist? Know more about best pads for period.

TOP 19 Best Period Pads Reviewed

Best Menstrual pads, Overall

</p> <h4>Always Infinity Heavy Flow Without Wings</h4> <p>

Always Infinity Heavy Flow Without Wings

  • These pads have wings, for extra protection.
  • They are made with Infinicel, an ultra absorbent filler, that can hold 10 times its weight in fluid.
  • Microdot design makes for rapid fluid absorption.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear.
  • One of the best menstrual pads, overall.
  • Some find them too small, but others really like the size.
  • These are NOT long pads.

These are one of the most absorbent, most comfortable pads you will find. Period! So comfortable, you will forget you are wearing a pad.

You will not feel wet damp or icky. They are also super thin, it is amazing such a thin pad offers so much absorption.

Overall, one of the best menstrual pads. These are just great!

</p> <h4>Always Ultra Thin Pads With Wings</h4> <p>

Always Ultra Thin Pads With Wings

  • Leakgaurd core rapidly absorbs fluid.
  • 3 way grip wings for added protection.
  • Holds a heavy flow.
  • Thin, flexible, long and soft.
  • Long wings.
  • Not as wide as other pads.

These are great all around pads, another hit from Always. They are narrower than other brands, so some ladies don’t like that due to coverage issues, but other ladies do appreciate the slimmer size.

These are also great for teens, so if you share a box with a teenage daughter/sister, these are good. They have wings for added protection, and since all the ladies in the house can use them, they are convenient.

One of the best period pads.

Best Reusable Menstrual Pads Reviews

</p> <h4>Period Mate Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads with Bamboo-charcoal Absorbency</h4> <p>

Period Mate Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads with Bamboo-charcoal Absorbency

  • Super soft.
  • Active charcoal layer to absorb odor.
  • Matching carry bag included.
  • These do not irritate like store bought pads.
  • The included bag needs a second pouch to keep the clean separate from the soiled pads.

A healthy, eco-friendly and comfortable way to manage your period. These reusable pads come with a bag to store soiled pads, instructions on how to use them and 5 pads to add to your stash.

They have an odor prevention layer and a cute design. Made with bamboo, which is quite soft. One of the best reusable menstrual pads. We love them!

</p> <h4>Supreme Comfort Reusable Menstrual Panty Pads</h4> <p>

Supreme Comfort Reusable Cloth Sanitary Napkins Menstrual Panty Pads

  • Made with eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo fiber.
  • Creatively designed outer.
  • 5 pads included in the kit.
  • Odor absorbing layer.
  • Very absorbent.
  • Can slip a bit.

If you are looking for a good, absorbent reusable pad, this one might be the pad for you. The kit includes 5 pads but no wet bag, unfortunately. But that is not a deal breaker, because of the absorbency, comfort and security we think they are great.

Best Pads for Heavy Periods

</p> <h4>U By Kotex CleanWear Ultra Thin Heavy Flow Pads</h4> <p>

U By Kotex CleanWear Ultra Thin Heavy Flow Pads

  • Ultra thin.
  • Long wings for great coverage.
  • Very soft material.
  • Special Xpress DRI cover for rapid absorption.
  • Designed for heavy flow.
  • The pad is quite large, although it is ultra thin.

This super thin pad has you covered. It has a soft, absorbent cover, so you feel dry for hours; it is a very comfortable pad. It has long wings for added protection.

One of the best pads for heavy periods. They will protect you from leaks and as a bonus, they come in fun colors.

</p> <h4>Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Flexi-Wings</h4> <p>

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Flexi-Wings

  • Up to 10 Hours of protection.
  • Raised core to capture fluid.
  • Wide backside for maximum nighttime protection.
  • Very long.
  • They are quite large and can bunch up.

If you need strong nighttime protection, this pad is a great choice. It’s very large, but it is meant for overnight, so if you are sleeping you should not have to worry about it being visible through your clothes.

It is a leak proof pad that will help you sleep more soundly because it gives you peace of mind. One of the best feminine pads for heavy periods.

</p> <h4>Stayfree Maxi Pads, Deodorant, Heavy Protection</h4> <p>

Stayfree Maxi Pads, Deodorant, Heavy Protection

  • Absorbent enough for a heavy flow.
  • Does not feel bulky, and keeps you secure.
  • Good price compared to other brands.
  • Scented

If you like scented pads and you have a heavy flow this would be a good pad to try. Honestly, it is hard to find a scented pad in the US, so this is quite a find. It is also quite absorbent so it’s worry free for heavy days.

Best Pads for Tweens

</p> <h4>Lil-Lets Teens Ultra Towels Day</h4> <p>

Lil-Lets Teens Ultra Towels Day

  • Smaller pad, designed especially for teens.
  • Absorbent.
  • 100% fragrance free.
  • Good for teens.
  • Pad has wings.
  • On the small side, a bit larger than a panty liner.

This pad is made for teens and smaller bodies. It is shorter and narrower than most other brands because the pad was specifically designed with teens in mind.

Plus, the pads and the packaging is adorable.

</p> <h4>U By Kotex Tween Ultra Thin Pad</h4> <p>

U By Kotex Tween Ultra Thin Pad

  • Smaller size designed for smaller bodies.
  • ‘Micromax core’ to absorb fluid.
  • ‘Tru-fit’ wings to keep the pad in place.
  • Clean wear cover keeps you feeling dry.
  • Brightly colored wrappers.
  • Pricey.

If you have a picky tween who is on the small side, this pad might be the one for her. They are smaller, and many tweens appreciate the fact that the pad was made for them and does not feel like wearing a diaper.

It is made with the same high quality and attention to detail Kotex is famous for, so she will be comfortable and dry wearing these. Plus the wrapper and design are cute.

Best Pads for Teens

</p> <h4>Always Totally Teen Radiant Infinity Pads</h4> <p>

Always Totally Teen Radiant Infinity Pads

  • Extra long flexi wings.
  • Super cute wrappers.
  • 8 hour coverage.
  • Made with Always famous flexifoam, for a fit so comfortable you won’t notice it’s there.
  • Shorter and narrower than the adult version, designed for teens and petite ladies.
  • Pack is small, only 14 pads.

These pads are economical and a favorite of teens. They are designed to be a bit smaller than the adult version, yet they still have the flexifoam feature and are so comfortable you will forget they are there.

Also, the flexi wings on this pad are long, spanning nearly 2/3 the length of the pad, to protect the sides of panties.

</p> <h4>Lil-Lets Teens Long Towels 12</h4> <p>

Lil-Lets Teens Long Towels 12

  • Designed to be smaller for a teen body, these pads are longer than the Lil-lets day pad in regular size.
  • Comfortable, absorbent, and the packaging is appealing to teen girls.
  • Hard to find.

This UK brand is popular with teens. It is specially designed to fit smaller bodies so it won’t feel bulky and diaper like. They are absorbent and comfortable, and the packaging is attractive.

Best Organic Menstrual Pads

</p> <h4>ORGANYC Hypoallergenic 100% Organic Cotton Pads</h4> <p>

ORGANYC Hypoallergenic 100% Organic Cotton Pads

  • Made with 100% organic cotton with a biodegradable polymer on the back.
  • These pads have wings.
  • Only 10 pads in a box, but they can be purchased in 2 packs.
  • Pricey.

If you have allergies to the substances found in other pads, give these a try. They are eco friendly, organic cotton, and have no chlorine. Many ladies say they have less cramping and bleeding when using organic pads so it is worth a shot.

</p> <h4>Natracare Natural Feminine Maxi Pads Regular</h4> <p>

Natracare Natural Feminine Maxi Pads Regular

  • Made from Organic cotton.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Absorbent, with a protective layer that keeps you dry.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear.
  • No wings.
  • Shorter than other pads.

This is one of the most comfortable organic pads on the market. It helps you feel dry, similar to the big brands. It is made with organic cotton and is biodegradable, so you can care you’re the environment and feel comfortable without giving anything up.

A great organic pad!

Best Period Pads for Sports or Exercise

</p> <h4>Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads for Women</h4> <p>

Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads for Women

  • Ultra thin.
  • ‘Cleanquilt’ technology pulls fluid away from you, so you stay dry.
  • Four walled protection stops leaks front to back and side to side.
  • Contains an odor neutralizer.
  • Not for heavy days.

If you are active or enjoy engaging in sports while on your period these pads will keep you in the game.

They are super thin, so they won’t feel bulky while you are moving around. They pull fluid away from your body so you stay dry and focused on what you are doing, not what is going on ‘down there’.

</p> <h4>U By Kotex CleanWear Ultra Thin Heavy Flow Pads with Wings</h4> <p>

U By Kotex CleanWear Ultra Thin Heavy Flow Pads with Wings

  • Unscented thin pad.
  • Xpress dry-cover keeps you feeling dry.
  • #D capture core draws fluid to the center of the pad, stopping leaks.
  • This model has wings to further protect panties.
  • High absorbency.
  • They are on the large side, as expected for a heavy flow pad.

This pad is ideal for sports and active ladies on a heavy day. The adhesive is superior to other brands so they stay put while you do your thing. Plus, the wings are a bit longer with good adhesive protecting your panties and keeping the pad securely in place.

They are very absorbent so they can be the best pads for heavy flow days.

Best Pads for Overnight

</p> <h4>Always Infinity Pads with Wings, Extra Heavy Overnight</h4> <p>

Always Infinity Pads with Wings, Extra Heavy Overnight

  • Holds an amazing 10 times its weight in fluid.
  • Made with Always flexifoam, its like memory foam for your period.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Long pad, with long wings, protection like no other pad.
  • Pricey.

These pads are comfortable, absorbent, and long with wings. Everything you need for overnight protection if you have a heavy night flow. So comfortable you won’t notice you are wearing them.

</p> <h4>Dutchess Cloth Menstrual Pads</h4> <p>

Dutchess Cloth Menstrual Pads

  • Designed for heavy flow overnight protection.
  • Active charcoal layer absorbs odors.
  • Made from super soft sustainable bamboo.
  • Washable, lasts up to five years.
  • They can slip or move.

These pads have a double charcoal absorption layer and are designed for nighttime or heavy flow time. They are slightly bulkier, but they were designed for this special time and they get the job done.

Plus they are earth friendly, reusable, economical and are chemical free. You can find lots of cloth menstrual pads reviews if you need.

</p> <h4>Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads</h4> <p>

Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads

  • 2 times wider at the back, for overnight protection or a heavy flow.
  • Wings positioned towards the front.
  • Some don’t like the forward placement of the wings.

This is a pad designed for nighttime use or heavy flow. It is ideal for ladies who have a fluid pattern that flows towards the back, because the wings are placed farther up on the pad, and the back of the pad is wider.

One of the best pads for heavy flow.

Best Pad for New Moms of Postpartum

</p> <h4>GladRags Night Pad</h4> <p>

GladRags Night Pad

  • Designed for postpartum ladies who have just given birth or those who have a heavy flow at night.
  • This pad includes an extra absorbent holder with two inserts.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Can be a bit bulky, as they are designed for heavy flow.

If you are looking for a cloth pad for heavy flow, or to wear after giving birth, Glad rags have a comfortable pad that will fit the bill.

They are made with organic cotton, so you will be free from chemicals and doing your part to protect the environment. One of the best pads for heavy flow, plus organic.

So, that’s a wrap. We hope our guide helps you find the best period pads for your time of the month.