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Instead Softcup Review – Is the Best Disposable Menstrual Cup?

The Instead Softcup is a popular disposable, easy to use menstrual cup. If you have not tried it yet, check out our Instead Softcup review to get the latest information on this innovative and, dare I say, liberating product.

News Alert! The ‘Instead’ Softcup is under new management. In July of 2016 the Flex Company took control of the product line.

The previous owner of the Softcup slowed production of the product, leading to product shortages and increased prices.

The Flex Company will begin ramping up production and working with retailers to insure there are no more product shortages and to get the price of the product back to a reasonable and fair level.

What Is It?

instead Softcups 12 Hour Feminine Protection

The Instead Softcup is a disposable menstrual cup. There are two models, reusable and disposable. Both are technically disposable, but the reusable model is designed to be reused for one menstrual cycle.

The disposable cup is tossed every time you change your cup, which can be every 12 hours or less. The benefit is you do not have to worry about washing the cup. Ever.

The cup is different from standard reusable Menstrual cups like the Diva cup or Mooncup, which last on average, 5 years.

The Instead Softcup is different because the idea is you toss it and use a new one each month or each use. The ‘cup’ portion of the cup is very soft, like a plastic film, while the ring is firm yet flexible, and larger than a standard menstrual cup.

The plastic used is an FDA approved polymeric plastic, as opposed to silicone used by most other reusable cups.

How Does It Work?

The Softcup is the size of a diaphragm. It’s a one size fits most kind of deal, and you know how that goes. One size does not always fit everyone. However, there are tons of women, who are very happy with the cup, so don’t let this deter you from giving it a try.

There are simply too many benefits to this cup to pass on it. It is the ONLY menstrual cup suitable for use during sex. Just that alone is huge.

The Softcup fits differently than other reusable silicone cups. Softcup has a 70mm wide rim, whereas most other reusable cups fall somewhere between 38mm and 47mm wide. This one isn’t meant to sit in the same position as the other cups.


The Softcup is inserted with one side of the rim to the side of the cervix, and the other side of the rim is tucked up under your pelvic bone. The pelvic bone is shown in this diagram as a white oval or bean shape. The uterus and cervix in this diagram is orange.

You can see the way the Softcup should be positioned.  Note also the smaller white shape between the pubic bone and the uterus/cervix. This small white shape represents your bladder.

You can see this cup, and other cups may sit in a position where you can feel the pressure on the bladder. This is why the Softcup and other reusable cups with large rims can feel uncomfortable.

Don’t worry, this is not a common problem, but if you are bothered by the cup, there are other brands of reusable cups that have no rim or are made from super soft material that will not bother your bladder.


Image Credit: commons.wikimedia.org


To remove the Softcup, sit on the toilet, or squat (the shower is a good spot). Bear down or push. This will move the cup out from under the pubic bone. Once you can feel the rim, pull the cup out by the rim, being careful to keep the cup as level as possible so the fluid does not spill. Dispose of the fluid in the toilet or down the drain.


The Instead Softcup is one of the easiest cups to care for. With the disposable Softcup there is no care needed, since you toss it after using. For the reusable Softcup you simply rinse and wash with a soap that is safe for your vagina, and rinse well.

Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Other info

  • Remove the Softcup in the shower. If you take showers in the morning or evening, the timing is good, plus you can rinse the cup and wash up right there, no need to run to the sink. Many ladies prefer this and find it makes using the Softcup less messy, and less of a hassle.
  • If you are having trouble removing the Softcup try this. Warning, I am going to be a bit graphic here. Sit on the toilet and push, as if you were pooping, this will push the cup out from under your tailbone so you can retrieve it. This is also how some ladies empty their cup without having to remove it.
  • Some women wear a latex glove to remove the cup. Then put on the glove, reach in, retrieve the cup and move it into the palm of the gloved hand. They use their other hand and place the tip of the index finger under the rim of the glove. Then they slide the gloved hand out, turning the glove inside out, with the cup INSIDE. It captures the cup and all the fluid and makes a nice disposable package you can toss, so you can have a clean getaway.
  • Although this is not what the cup was technically designed for, some ladies use the cup to conceive. They have sex first, and then insert the cup so the semen stays in. The theory is that the longer the semen stays in contact with the cervix the better.

Well, we are not doctors, this is just an interesting idea we wanted to share.

  • Be aware, sneezing, coughing or having a bowel movement or any other activity that causes downward pressure can dislodge the cup. You can wear a panty liner, or simply try to keep your muscles relaxed when you cough or sneeze to avoid leaks.

Why is the Instead Softcup So Popular?

The Pros of Using Softcup Based On Our Softcup Reviews

  • Softcup is the ONLY menstrual cup you can use while having sex. This is seen as a huge benefit because it means sex while on your period is less messy. You can not use other menstrual cups while making love.
  • Many women find that using the Softcup is easier than using other cups because the insertion location is easier to find and the rim is larger. The Softcup learning curve is smaller than other cups. With other cups the positioning is more precise and farther up in the vagina.
  • The Softcup is easier to care for than other menstrual cups because it is disposable. You can toss it instead of cleaning it. Just throw a new one in your bag or purse and cut down on the hassle. It is less work than other cups, tampons and pads. It is more discreet and hygienic than pads and tampons.
  • Menstrual cups cut down on odor, using them makes it seem like you are not on your period, so be careful not to forget about the cup!
  • Softcup helps women in developing countries by donating a box of Softcups for every box you buy through ‘Project Dignity’, a project which aims to help women stay in school and function normally during their period. (Video available below.)

How Does the Instead Softcup Compare to Other Cups?

We have already discussed the difference between the Instead Softcup and other reusable menstrual cups, but there are a few more points we would like to share.

  • Many women find the Softcup more comfortable than other cups, because unlike the firmer silicone cups, the Softcup has a soft membrane, almost like a condom, that you can not feel. The only firm part is the rim.
  • Softcups do not have a stem like other cups. With other cups, you may be able to feel the stem and they can be irritating. To be fair, the stem on other cups can be trimmed and the stem is there for easy removal of the cup.

Is the Instead Softcup Better Than the Diva Cup?

Both cups are awesome and each has plenty of committed users. It is a matter of opinion, priorities, anatomy and personal values that have one woman chose one over the other. Some women use a mix of the two.

For example, a woman may use a Diva cup regularly, but keep a disposable in her purse in case her period catches her by surprise. A Diva cup user may use the Diva cup most of the time and only use a Softcup when she plans to have sex. So it is not always one or the other.

Softcup Is Good for Women With These Concerns

  • Like to have the freedom of leak free sex while the cup is inserted
  • Like to have the convenience of being able to toss the cup and use a fresh one each change, or each month.
  • A quick, easy insertion.

Diva Cup Is Good for Women With These Concerns

  • Women who are very active and need a firm cup that stays in place
  • Women who want to use the most eco friendly option with the least waste.
  • Budget conscious women who do not want to purchase feminine products often. Diva cup lasts, on average, 5 years.

Our Softcup Review

Evofem Reuseable Softcup for Up To 1 Cycle


  • Women can have sex while using the Softcup.
  • Softcups are disposable, which means they do not need to be cleaned.
  • Softcups do not absorb menstrual fluid which cuts down on odor and nearly eliminates the risk of Toxic shock Syndrome associated with tampons.
  • Easy to insert.
  • More environmentally sound than pads or tampons.
  • Cleaner than pads and tampons.
  • Lasts up to 12 hours, which is longer than pads or tampons last.
  • They do not dry out or change the pH balance of your vagina like tampons can.


  • Some women find they are challenging to remove.
  • There is a learning curve to using them, but the Softcup is generally easier to use than other reusable cups.
  • They are messy, it is true. You can manage this by removing or inserting in the shower.

Instead Softcup Review

If you want a product that allows you to go about your life as if you are not even on your period, this is the closest you will come to that dream. You only need to change it every 12 hours, unless you have a heavier flow.

You can make love while using this, so mess free sex is an option. You can get the disposable model and have the freedom to simply toss it instead of engaging in a cleaning ritual. It really is the option with the most liberty.

They can be challenging to remove for some ladies, and you will need to be comfortable with your body to use these, but these challenges are easily overcome by the majority of users.

While this option is not reusable and eco friendly as other cups, it IS more eco friendly than pads and tampons, and every little bit helps.

Many women find them work and they are comfortable.  Softcups are a fantastic and innovative product you need to try.

Our Rating Based on Our Instead Softcup Review: 8/10

We hope this Instead Softcup Reviews clears up your questions about the product and helps you decide if the Instead Softcup is right for you. Hope you found our soft cup reviews useful.