Lunette Menstrual Cups

Lunette Menstrual Cup Review – Better Than Other Cups?

What’s the big deal with Lunette Menstrual cups? Are they really as great as some people say? Our Lunette cup review will show you!

Lunette Menstrual cups have some unique features other menstrual cups do not.

Menstrual cups may appear similar, but there is actually a wide variety of sizes and styles available. Our Lunette menstrual cup review will show you how the Lunette cup is different, and how it compares to other cups.

What is the Lunette Menstrual Cup?

Lunette Menstrual Cups

If you are not familiar with menstrual cups, they are small silicone cups women use during menstruation. They are inserted in the vagina where they collect menstrual fluid, eliminating the need for pads or tampons.

The Lunette cup is made in Finland and comes in a variety of colors, as well as a clear or transparent model. Lunette cup also has two sizes available, but more on that later.

How Does the Lunette Menstrual Cup Work?

The Lunette menstrual cup works like any other reusable menstrual cup. The cup is inserted for up to 8 hours, emptied, rinsed, cleaned and re-inserted.


Begin by washing your hands. Get into a comfortable position, such as sitting, squatting, or with one leg up on the side of the tub.

Fold the cup by squeezing it flat and folding the rim into a ‘C’ shape.  Hold the cup near the rim in this folded position. Insert rim first into the vagina, past the pelvic bone.

The entire cup should be inserted into the vagina, including the stem. Don’t force it, though. If the stem sticks out, you can remove the cup and trim the stem to fit.


When you have had a cup inserted for a while it tends to create a suction or vacuum in your vagina, which is what you want, since this helps hold the cup in place.

However, when you remove the cup, you must first break this suction before pulling the cup out. If you don’t break the suction, it may be difficult, or even painful to remove. Don’t be intimidated by this, it is just something you should be aware of.

To break the suction, gently squeeze the tip of the cup. This will move the rim enough so it loses contact and air is allowed in, breaking the suction. Once you have done that you can slowly pull the cup out.

Be careful to keep it level so the fluid does not spill. Rinse and wash the cup well, and reinsert.


If you are planning to re-insert the cup after emptying the contents simply rinse the cup, using cold water. Cold water minimizes staining of the cup. Once the fluid is removed, wash the cup with a gentle non-oily soap that has a pH 3.5 to 5.5.

Be sure to clean the vent holes either with a toothpick or brush made for this purpose. Rinse thoroughly. Soap residue is bad for the pH balance and natural flora of your vagina.

In between each cycle you must sterilize the cup. In order to do this the economical and eco-friendly way, it is best to boil the cup for 5 to 10 minutes.

Do not neglect this step; cleaning with soap is not sufficient long term. It must be sterilized monthly and stored in a dry location in a breathable bag or container. Caring for you cup is caring for your body and health.

Why is the Lunette Menstrual Cup So Popular?

Benefits of Using the Lunette Menstrual Cup.

The Lunette menstrual cup is a popular cup for many reasons.

  • The cup is cost effective. One cup lasts about 5 years and costs about as much as three months of pads or tampons.
  • The Lunette Cup is eco-friendly. You can use the same cup for about 5 years, and the environmental impact is minimal compared to the manufacture and disposal of hundreds of pads or tampons during the same 5 year timeframe.
  • The Lunette cup minimizes Odor. Many don’t realize this, but the reason pads and tampons stink is not because of the menstrual fluid. It is because of the bacteria that thrive on that fluid.

When the fluid sits on a pad or soaks into a tampon, it is given the perfect environment to grow and grow, causing the odor. Menstrual cups do not absorb any fluid, they merely collect it.

Silicone is not an ideal environment for bacteria, so they do not thrive with a menstrual cup, thus, less period odor. Bacteria can still grow in the fluid itself, which is why you need to change and wash the cup every 8 hours.

  • The Lunette cup is cleaner. Menstrual cups are cleaner, no really, aside from changing the cup, they are far more sanitary. With a pad, the blood sits on the pad, and no air can circulate, causing sweat and a perfect environment for bacteria.

With a tampon, if you do not change it EVERY time you go to the bathroom, pee and who knows what can get on the string. Not sanitary.

  • The Lunette cup is healthier. Menstrual cups do not dry you out or alter the pH and natural flora of your vagina. Tampons absorb menstrual fluid. But they also absorb your vaginas natural fluid leaving you feeling dry. Your natural fluid is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment in your vagina.

Is the Lunette Menstrual Cup Better Than Others?

The Lunette menstrual cup is great, and in the eyes of some it is better than others, but to be fair, there are many high quality menstrual cups on the market that work just as well.

Each cup out there has unique properties that make fans of some ladies, while others do not prefer that specific brand. That’s OK. There are different shapes, sizes and features among cups. Since each woman is different, preferences will be different.

The Lunette cup has the following features which is why this cup is a favorite of so many ladies:

  1. The Lunette cup tends to be shorter than other cups, which some ladies find more comfortable. This also helps women who have a cervix that sits low in the vaginal canal, as they have less space to hold a cup.
  2. In addition to offering two sizes, the Lunette cup has a different level of firmness for each cup. Their size 1 cup is smaller, designed for women under 30 who have not given birth, and is softer than their size 2 cup. Their size 2 cup is for women over 30, or those who have given birth vaginally. The size 2 cup is firmer.

As far as firmness goes, a firm cup is easier to position; pops open more readily and stays in place well. Firm cups are good for active women or those that experience leaking with softer cups. The downside is it can push on the bladder and cause discomfort in sensitive individuals. Firm cups have been known to increase cramps in a few ladies.

A softer cup is more comfortable, but has a higher chance of becoming dislodged and leaking. You need to try the cup to see how firmness affects you, as each body is different and what works perfectly for one person’s anatomy, may not work with yours.

  1. Size. Lunette cups tend to be smaller than other cups, which is more comfortable for some.
  2. The rim of the Lunette cup is slimmer and less pronounced than many other cups. This makes the cup more comfortable to wear, and is less likely to push on the bladder or cause additional cramping.
  3. Unlike some other brands, the stem on the lunette cup is flat, solid and ribbed. Menstrual fluid can not collect inside the stem, so it’s easy to clean, plus the ribs make it easy to get a grip on when removing the cup.
  4. The air vents near the rim of the Lunette cup are larger than other cups, making cleaning them out easier.
  5. Lunette cups come in several different colors, which can be fun and mask staining and discoloration of the cup. But, some ladies don’t like the tints, as they introduce chemicals into the cups silicone during manufacturing of the cup. Tints generally make the cup softer, and can potentially cause the cup to be less durable, so it may not last as long.

Our Lunette Cup Review

Lunette Menstrual Cup


  • Smaller, shorter cup.
  • Good for ladies with lower cervixes.
  • Made of medical grade FDA approved silicone.
  • Comes in fun colors.
  • Has large easy to clean vent holes.
  • Stem is flat and does not collect blood.
  • Offers two sizes with different levels of firmness.
  • The size 2 clear cup is firmer than a DivaCup.
  • The rim is not bulky and is designed to be comfortable.
  • The inside of the Lunette cup is smooth, it has no measurement lines, which can collect blood and be difficult to clean.


  • It is one of the more expensive cups out there, but it is still far less than pads and tampons over time.


The Lunette cups popularity with many women is understandable. It is a great cup!

It has a smaller, comfortable design, a low profile rim, which minimizes potential for discomfort and it is a firm silicone, making it easy to insert and position. It is the details that make this cup stand out.

The smooth interior, solid stem, and large vent holes are all features that make this cup easy to clean, and that is important as it can make a difference to your health, and your level of satisfaction using the cup.

Our Lunette cup review showed us that the Lunette cup should be one of the first cups you try in your search for the perfect menstrual cup for you.

Our Rating: 9/10

We hope our Lunette cup review helps you decide if the Lunette cup is the right cup for you.