How to Tell if Shoes Fit

You can only tell your shoes fit if you are comfortable wearing them. This means that a shoe should feel good as it looks. But what exactly is a comfortable fit?

This guide will address the issue of how to tell if shoes fit for you to make good judgments when shopping for footwear.

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Good shoes should allow you to trek, run and jump without feeling any discomfort. Poorly fitting shoes can cause foot pains or sometimes aggravate the symptoms of existing foot problems.

It is important to buy shoes that fit properly from the minute you try them in the store. Footwear experts recommend that you should never buy ill-fitting shoes in the hope that they will break in later.

How to Tell if Shoes Fit – Tips on Getting the Proper Fit

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Too often you find women interested in choosing shoes that are admirable to their eyes than those that fit their feet. Women care so much about looks that they rather select an ill-fitting shoe for the occasion at the expense of comfort.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is no need for you to carry around extra pairs of shoes to ease distress when an occasion is over. How about you have several comfortable ones that you can exchange at your own pleasure? Sound good, right?

So, how do you know if your shoes fit? Here are a few tips that will help you to find a good fitting shoe.

Know Your Size

You can do this by taking your feet measurements before you get to the store or even order online. Do not live with the assumption that your size is always the same.

Your shoe size can change with time due to some growth factors. Thus, do not depend on the fact that you have always worn a particular size. The size you used to wear a few years ago might not be the best for you today.

Consider the Shoes Origin

Note that feet sizes differ through different regions. As such, manufacturers from particular regions design shoes that conform to the feet sizes of their local population. For instance, shoes made in the US or the UK tend to be a size larger than those from the West nations like China.

So if you wear the UK size 6, for example, you can’t assume the same size if you order the US-made shoe. It rather translates to size 8.5 for the US women’s shoe.

Understanding those measurements will always keep you ahead of the game. You will never miss on your perfect size.

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Shop Towards the End of the Day

Your feet tend to expand as the day goes by. So it is advisable to shop in the late afternoons when your feet are at their largest. If they can fit properly then, you can be sure you have the right shoes.

Of course, your feet’s genuine size can be known once you wake up. But you realize you need shoes to wear for the most of your day.

The standing and walking throughout the day causes your feet and ankles to swell. Hence, always try your shoes later in the day.

Pay Attention to Your Heel

Always observe how your heel sits in the shoes. If the shoe slips out, then chances are it is not your right shoe. The sensible thing to do is to abandon it no matter how good looking it is. The best shoe rather will offer a good grip to your heel.

Walk Around in Them

After you have identified your shoe, always walk around in them to feel how cozy they are. Feel the grip and cushioning as all these contribute to comfort. Walk on declined surfaces to feel the toe box and inclined surfaces to feel the arch support.

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Understand Feet Dynamics

You should note that one of your feet is larger than the other one. It sounds like a myth but it has some truth.

So to avoid any inconveniences, make sure that you have both your feet measured. It is recommended that you should fit your shoes to the larger foot.

Consider the Shape of Your Feet

People have different types of feet. Knowing your feet type will help you to find the perfect shoes for your feet.

Some people have wide feet while others have narrow feet. The arch type is also different and you have to find shoes that conform to your arches.

No matter your feet type, your ideal shoe should fit the ball of your foot. This is the area before your toes and it is the widest part of your foot. If it holds firm to the ball, then it is a good fit, of course after passing the other criteria.

The shoe should have enough room for your toes. This is important especially if you suffer from foot conditions like hammertoes.

Shoes with a small toe box can cause calluses due to rubbing of your toes against the walls of the shoe. Too much room might also feel awkward.

That is why it is necessary to check the toe box. And you can only tell if your toes are in there.

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Your Shoe vs. Activity

One important thing to consider when buying shoes is the intended usage. Shoe designs are different depending on the purpose they should serve.

Running shoes, for example, emphasize on providing proper heel cushioning and forefoot flexibility. Walking shoes focus on shock absorbing features and midfoot flexibility.

Basketball shoes are meant for the courts and are not the best choice for walking. Cross-trainers are all-purpose sports shoes and their features favor both running and walking. Spinning shoes feature stiff soles only meant for pedal strokes.

Consider the features that make your choice of shoes appropriate for your intended activity.

The Final Step

Follow these simple guidelines on how to tell if shoes fit whenever you are shopping for shoes. They will help you prevent foot problems.

Don’t compromise your comfort for attractive shoes. There are several beautiful shoes in the market that will make you look good and feel good.