Veet vs. Nair – Which One is Better?

You’ve seen company rivalries over the years of which either side always wants to prove superior over the other. Surprisingly, the contest is usually among consumers and not the actual companies.

When it comes to hair removal products, Veet vs. Nair take center stage.

So, how do these two battle it out in the ring?

They start off with bragging rights. Veet brags on their slogan to be ‘’The world’s number 1 depilatory products” while Nair’s slogan goes as “The #1 hair removal lotion”.

Obviously, what you learn from the two is the fight for position 1. The following analysis will look into different aspects between the two to determine who the real queen is.

Veet vs. Nair

Brief History

Veet was originally known as Neet and was manufactured by Hannibal Pharmaceutical Company. It was first advertised in the 1920s as the “ready to use hair removing cream”. The name Veet came into establishment in 1922 in the UK.

The product sold as Veet in some European countries while it was still Neet in countries like Canada and the US. The product assumed the name Veet worldwide in 2002.

Nair, on the other hand, refers to the product manufactured by Church & Dwight. The product was originally owned by Carter-Wallace until 2001 when it was purchased by the current parent company.

Veet vs. Nair Ingredients

These two brands do vary in the ingredients contained in their products.

Veet’s Ingredients

Veet’s hair removal products contain potassium hydroxide and thioglycolic acid. What are these anyway?

Potassium hydroxide is used in most cosmetics and personal care products including depilatories and shaving products. According to cosmetology, it helps to control the pH of the product.

Yet, higher concentrations of this compound can aggravate skin. Perhaps it’s why some skin types suffer from irritation or skin burns after using Veet’s hair removal products. Maybe they got too concentrated.

Thioglycolic (TGA) acid is a colorless liquid with a strong unpleasant smell. There goes the reason for the bad odor in most of the products.

This acid is a depilatory itself as it contains derivatives that break keratin bonds in the cortex of the hair. This is what disables hair from growing back after depilating. They really figured it out.

Nair Ingredients

The major active ingredients in Nair products are Calcium hydroxide or Sodium hydroxide and potassium thioglycolate.

Just like in Veet, the Calcium hydroxide or Sodium hydroxide controls the pH of hair. But, these ones raise the pH of hair thus chemically breaking it down.

The potassium thioglycolate is for breaking down the hair’s keratin molecules thus making it weak to wipe away.

Do you know how this gets simple? When you buy the hair removal cream, the instructions always say apply to the particular area, leave it for a few minutes to sit, and then wipe it off.

Nair goes further to include softening substances in their products such as mineral oil to help contain the harsh ingredients.

Most formulations also contain natural ingredients which soothe and moisturize the skin after the hair removal process. The most common include; Acai Berry, Aloe, Clay, Cocoa Butter, Green tea, Lanolin, Mango butter, Moroccan Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Orange blossom.

Range of Products

Veet Products

Veet manufactures a wide range of hair removal products including wax strips, depilatory cream and Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) permanent hair reduction products. Whether you prefer to wax or use depilatory creams, they always have something in store.

Veet strives to offer hair removal solutions from face to toe. You can select from a wide range of products intended for face, underarms, arms, bikini line and legs.

They also design hair removal products with different types of skin in mind. You will find products for normal, sensitive and dry skin.

The results of these products also vary. So, they have products that offer quick results usually 1-2 weeks, long-lasting results for 6-8 weeks and permanent results.

Nair Products

Nair makes a variety of products. They have even put their products in different categories for easy selection. The product selection is quite easy to use. You simply start by selecting your gender, the part you want to treat and the desired result.

You can select from products that offer quick touch-ups to those that offer professional care. They call it the salon experience.

To be precise, you can choose from in-shower creams, face and bikini creams, lotion, sprays away and waxes. The in-shower creams are a huge advantage over their competitor.

young woman

Price Range

Comparing the price between the two can be quite challenging. It might call for a lot of factors to come up with the perfect conclusion.

Things to do with the amount of cream in ounces, intended area, expected results and a lot more must come into account.

In general, Veet products tend to be cost-effective. Nair products are usually expensive.

This is not definitive, though. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can do the comparisons one by one on your own if you have the time.

Customer Experience

Many approve the products from the two companies for being effective at removing unwanted hair. The slight differences come in the duration of hair removal and how long the results last.

Veet depilatory creams take an average of 5 minutes before wiping off. They can also be used many times more than Nair. However, they burn a little more than Nair’s.

Nair products are easy to apply and some even work in the shower without causing irritation.

Overall Rating

Veet has better product selection criteria, the products are more effective and they come at a relatively fair price. But, Veet products cause burns if used with water and soap. The smell is also unpleasant.

Nair has a wider range of products, which are easy to use, have less irritation and convenient in and out of the shower. On the negatives, they are a bit expensive and less effective.


The simple debate between Veet vs. Nair closes at this point, but it’s certainly open for discussion. Choosing your champion will depend on your personal taste and preferences, brand loyalty and your own customer experience.

Now, cast your votes.